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You need an online school website.

Offer your courses online

Life has become fast paced and many people today do not have the time to attend conventional classes. That’s why most major colleges offer online courses that a student can take without travel or sitting in class for hours.

Having your own online school is much easier than you might think.  We can help you establish your own online  school to train people in your area of expertise.

Train people in your organization

Organizations can benefit from having an online school to train their employees or members in very specific areas.  Complete with curriculum and automated grading you can use technology to grow and strengthen your organization by creating an atmosphere of excellence.

Use your own curriculum

Curriculum can be expensive and it’s often hard to find just the right material.  By setting up your own online school we can show you how to use your own information and turn it into curriculum. We can help you break it down into courses, modules, and detailed tests that will benefit your members or employees.

Your name & branding

By using your own curriculum you can create unique branding that is exclusively yours.  You choose the name of the school, and the course titles.  We help you create the logo, color palette, and every last detail of your school.  It becomes totally unique to your vision, content, and direction

Take tuition payment online

Students can sign up on your online school website, pay tuition, and immediately be ushered into class.  Quick and easy for them, and tuition is conveniently deposited into your account with no effort on your part.

Your school is totally automated

Your online school is totally automated.  You do not have to reinvent the wheel each time the course is offered.  You create it once and then it is there for the coming years to serve your organization.  Tests are completely automated with grades being computed and sent to students automatically when they finish a module.  Then at the end of the course, a certificate of completion is automatically sent with their final grades.

You have total control

Bottom line is that you have total control.  It is your school.  Your name & branding – your curriculum – you get paid – and your students receive the training they need.


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